About Us



My approach is different than other photographers by being geared more towards the purchase of physical products rather than delivering the final images on a USB. I do however offer digital copies of the photos, and I create custom products. I also come to your home to figure out what products work best in which part of your home if needed to help create the best products!


Every business has a beginning, and mine just so happened while living in Camp Lejeune, NC in 2013. I had just gotten out of the Marines and begun furthering my education when I decided I wanted to own my own business. Photography was popular and I thought it was easy enough to begin. I was wrong. There is much more that goes into photography than just 'clicking the button.' I was gifted my first "beginners" camera as and from there it took off. I immediately fell in love. I practiced, updated equipment, and so on and so forth. A new opportunity arose when I located back home to Aroostook County, Maine in 2018. I decided then to adapt a new business model geared towards the purchase physical prints and products. Since then I have been focusing on creating precious memories for clients to hold on to for the many years to come. To me pictures are more than just a digital snapshot... they are memories in time preserved through various mediums.


*Photo credit to Bespoke Photography